Sonoma Tuesday Night Market


Sonoma is not just famous for its world-class vineyards but also for its vibrant community events, such as the Sonoma Tuesday Night Market. Held in the picturesque Sonoma Plaza, this weekly event invites locals and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the heart of Sonoma's community spirit and local culture every Tuesday night from April through October.


Discover Local Produce, Crafts, and Entertainment


Fresh, Local Produce

The Sonoma Tuesday Night Market is a haven for food lovers and culinary enthusiasts. Stroll through the market to find a wide array of fresh, locally-sourced fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Each stall showcases the richness of Sonoma County’s agricultural produce, giving you a taste of the season's best straight from the farms.


Artisan Goods and Crafts

Beyond the fresh produce, the market is also a great place to discover local artisans and their crafts. From handmade jewelry and art to bespoke home decorations, the market offers a plethora of unique items that reflect the artistic spirit of Sonoma. These artisan stalls not only provide a glimpse into the local culture but also offer the opportunity to take home a piece of Sonoma.


Live Entertainment

Each market night is accompanied by live entertainment that adds to the lively atmosphere. Enjoy performances by local musicians and bands as you explore the market, providing a perfect backdrop for an evening out. The variety of music ranges from jazz and blues to folk and rock, ensuring that there's something for everyone to enjoy.


A Family-Friendly Event

The Sonoma Tuesday Night Market is designed to be family-friendly, offering something for every age group. Children can enjoy activities such as face painting and balloon art, making it a perfect family outing. With its welcoming atmosphere, the market is an excellent place for families to spend quality time together while enjoying the outdoors.


Dine Al Fresco

One of the highlights of the market is the variety of prepared food vendors. Grab a bite from gourmet food trucks or local eateries offering everything from classic American comfort food to international cuisines. Enjoy your meal al fresco as you soak in the ambiance of the historic Sonoma Plaza, making it a memorable dining experience.


Why You Should Visit

The Sonoma Tuesday Night Market is more than just a market; it's a celebration of community and culture. It offers a unique opportunity to support local farmers, artisans, and businesses while enjoying an evening filled with good food, shopping, and entertainment. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor, the market provides a lively, enjoyable experience that captures the essence of Sonoma's community spirit.


Plan Your Visit

Before you visit, check the Sonoma Tuesday Night Market website for the latest updates on vendors, entertainment lineups, and special theme nights. The market runs every Tuesday from 5 PM to dusk, starting in April and continuing through October.

Come experience the charm of Sonoma at the Tuesday Night Market – where community, culture, and commerce come alive under the setting sun.


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