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Embrace the Vibrant Mustard Season in the Valley


As winter fades and spring approaches, the Valley transforms into a breathtaking canvas painted with the golden hues of mustard flowers. The Mustard Season is not just a natural phenomenon; it's a cultural celebration that brings together art, wine, food, and community. From vineyard festivities to art exhibits and immersive tours, this season offers a plethora of experiences that highlight the beauty and richness of our region.


Seasonal Wine Safari "Magic of the Mustard"

Valid: February 1, 2024 – March 22, 2024
Hosted by: Laces and Limos
Event Details: Laces and Limos - Seasonal Wine Safari

Embark on an immersive, food and wine tour amidst the annual mustard blooms with Laces and Limos. This back-road tour takes you off the beaten path to experience the mustard fields firsthand. Enjoy an electric, open-air tuk-tuk vehicle ride, a friendly local guide, and visits to two hidden gem wineries. The tour includes a chef’s seasonal lunch with a view, a photography session, and bottled water & snacks. Note: Tasting fees and gratuity are not included.


Mustard Celebration in the Vineyard

When: Saturday, March 2nd | 12-2pm
Event Details: The Estate Yountville

Immerse yourself in the picturesque scenery of the vineyards adorned with mustard blooms. The Estate Yountville offers a unique opportunity to celebrate this season amidst the vibrant vineyards. Enjoy gourmet food, exceptional wines, and the company of fellow nature and wine enthusiasts. Tickets are available online.


Napa Valley Mustard Celebration

When: Saturday, March 2nd & Sunday, March 3rd | 11am - 3pm
Event Details: Jessel Gallery

Art and nature merge beautifully during the Mustard Season at the Jessel Gallery. This celebration showcases stunning artworks inspired by the mustard bloom. Join the local community in appreciating the talent of local artists while enjoying the backdrop of mustard flowers.


St. Helena Pop-Up Artist Exhibit + Food & Wine

When: Friday, March 8th | 1:00 pm - Sunday, March 10th | 3:00 pm
Event Details: St. Helena Event

St. Helena adds a creative twist to the mustard season with a pop-up artist exhibit. This event is a gathering of art aficionados, featuring unique pieces that capture the essence of the season. Experience the creativity of local artists and the warmth of the community in St. Helena.


The Mustard Season is a testament to the Valley's vibrant ecosystem and its thriving community. It's a time when the golden blooms not only beautify the landscape but also bring together people to celebrate, create, and appreciate. Whether you're a local or a visitor, the Mustard Season offers unforgettable experiences that are as enriching as they are beautiful.


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