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Another World: Aman Hotels & Resorts


Nestled in desert hills, relaxing in elegant cabanas, you can find the likes of Kylie Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber taking in the view. All have documented their days spent surrounded by golden sand, lounging in poolside daybeds, and hiking through the gorgeous canyon peaks. Where?

The answer is Amangiri, a luxury lodge in Canyon Point, Utah that is part of the high-end, boutique hotel company, Aman Hotels & Resorts. The fabulous hotels are on the bucket list of almost every traveler.

Amangiri – it translates to peaceful mountain in Sanskrit – has everything you could hope for when it comes to a luxury resort. It’s spread over 900 vast acres of red rock country in the sublime Colorado Plateau. The land is peppered with peaks, ridges, and gorges that take shape just a short distance from Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. 

Inside the property are opulent villas, pavilions, and suites. Simply open the sliding door of your room, and you enter a serene escape from day-to-day life. Personal plunge pools are frequent throughout many of the rooms, as well as modern, beautiful, and minimalistic upholstery. 


Amangiri, USA Ð Resort Girijaala Suite | Photo Credit: Aman


It’s secluded and private, with a focus on finding your innermost relaxation, in the most magnificent location. 

Photo Credit: Aman


“It really transports you to another world,” says Sara Faye Ehlers, the founder of travel blog, Love, Sarah Faye, who celebrated her 30th birthday at Amangiri. Ehlers documented her trip on her blog, lovesarafaye.com, saying that it felt like a dream to be there. Most notable for Ehlers were the moments spent with her fiancé on their personal daybed, where delicious fresh foods were delivered and there was optimum space to relax. Ehlers especially enjoyed Amangiri’s cast iron pancakes and fruit spreads that were to die for. The food served is all-inclusive and extremely fresh, supplied from local areas. 

Amangiri, USA Ð Camp Sarika Main Pool | Photo Credit: Aman


Well versed in travel, Ehlers also raved about the Instagram-worthy pool areas, which were uncrowded, pristine, and the perfect place to recharge. “Aman certainly knows luxury, and they do it well,” she says. “They are able to turn their properties into must-see destinations, and I think each of their hotels brings something truly unique to the table.”

Katie Anne Nguyen, another travel blogger, has visited Amangiri with her husband three times now — each time more wonderful than the last. 

Amangiri, USA Ð Camp Sarika Restaurant Outside Patio | Photo Credit: Aman


“Throughout the stay, every interaction is a personal one,” Nguyen says. “You are addressed by name, likes and dislikes are noted and remembered by all of the staff … No ask is a small ask, as the concierge team does their best to help book appointments, plan experiences, and excursions.” 

Catering to everyone’s desires, there’s horseback riding through valleys, rope bridges across boulders, guided slot canyon tours, paddleboarding, boat rides, and more. There is also the world-renowned Aman spa, which Nguyen highly recommends. 

Amangiri ‘s majestic rock formations | Photo Credit: Aman


Besides the coveted Amangiri location, Aman Hotels have also popped up in many other elegant locales. Marrakech, Morocco; Porto Heli, Greece; and Java, Indonesia are a few of its international treasures.

During Nguyen’s honeymoon, she was a guest at Amanpuri, Aman’s flagship resort, in Phuket, Thailand. Private white sand beaches, grandiose pools with palm trees, and gorgeous sweeping staircases were some of her favorites there, she noted. 

Aman has a way of finding unique pockets within the United States to implement its refined resorts. Two of the most popular are Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the Teton Mountains, and Midtown Manhattan in New York. 

Tom Cahalan, the director of Dorsia Travel, a UK-based company, has been traveling to luxury hotels for over 15 years and still raves about his vacation to Aman NYC. When speaking to Homes & Estates, he said that he’s visited over 20 Aman hotels over the course of his role at Dorsia. 

Aman New York | Photo Credit: Dorsia Travel


Aman NYC is in the center of Manhattan, situated in the iconic Crown Building. It’s a breath of fresh luxury in the middle of the bustling streets. Highlights here include a year-round garden terrace at the original spa location. Cahalan notes that the expansive treatments available, and the indoor pool and outdoor terraces in the spa simply cannot be missed. 

Aman New York | Photo Credit: Dorsia Travel


Aman actually houses some of the most spacious suites in the whole city. It’s a large feat in the ever-evolving Manhattan. 

Through its unique offerings, impressive locations, and more than accommodating staff, Aman Hotels & Resorts is clearly making a name for itself. All over the globe, the brand is creating its own worlds of luxury.

Aman New York | Photo Credit: Dorsia Travel


“There is a top-notch level of service that the Aman brand has to offer that no one has been able to achieve in the same manner,” Nguyen says. “Not only that, but their properties are absolutely breathtaking, and thoughtfully chosen.”


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