6 Tips to Create a Winning Wine Cellar


If you’re seeking to install something a little bit special in your home that will generate plenty of discussion among family and friends, you can’t go much better than a wine cellar. Wine cellars are a fabulous luxury feature that makes your home memorable. When selling your property, they enhance buyer interest and, therefore, can have a potentially positive effect on the sales price. If you’re considering remodeling, below are six great tips on how to integrate a wine cellar and increase your wine appreciation.

Inspiration radar

Take a look at Pinterest and follow some Instagram accounts to seek inspiration for not just the location but the design of your cellar or storage area. Search “wine cellar” on Instagram, for example, and unique, ambitious executions will pop up. You don’t have to go that crazy, but it makes the research and ideas phase a lot of fun. 

Simple option

If you have a smaller home, a quiet corner can be converted to store wine. The space under the stairs is a great option. It’s away from direct sunlight and has more consistently cooler temperatures than anywhere else in the house. The basement is another perfect area for wine, of course.

Bespoke storage

If you’ve got the ideal spot, you’ll add value to your home by commissioning a carpenter to install tailor-made racking that works with the decor of your home. Alternatively, there are DIY wine rack kits, often in modular form, which do the job nicely. Store the bottles against an internal wall where possible.

Hi-tech cheer

An incredible range of wine fridges exist, offering a storage capacity of 20 bottles to several thousand. The best ones will be UV-resistant and offer an anti-vibration feature. Continuously disturbing wine is a problem. You’ll find vibration problems near the washing machine, aircon unit or where you park your car in the garage so locate your wine fridge away from these areas. 

The enthusiast

If you’d like to start collecting rare bottles, be aware that poor storage destroys wine, so there is value in getting in the experts to build your cellar. As an aside, counterfeit wine is a constant problem for collectors, so use reputable sources when you buy. 

Sipping spot

Storing your wine and keeping it at the perfect temperature is important but so is having a special spot to sit and enjoy it. Consider areas where you’ll enjoy your glass of wine – whether it’s in a chair by a fireplace, out in the garden or at the kitchen table surrounded by friends.

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