Refresh Your Home with Spring's Hottest Trends


It’s the perfect time to do some Spring cleaning and refresh your home. Sprucing up your space doesn't always mean undertaking major renovations. Here are some tips on how to incorporate the latest trends into your home.



The Basics

Change Your Home Scent:

Transition from cozy winter scents to light and fresh fragrances for spring and summer. Opt for citrus, floral, or herbal scents to invigorate your space and uplift your mood.

Change Bedding:

Swap out your heavy winter bedding for lightweight options. Bamboo or linen bedding are breathable and moisture-wicking perfect for hot summer nights.

Chrome Accents:

Introduce a touch of modernity with chrome accents. They add a sleek and polished look to any room without overwhelming the space.



Keeping it Simple

Brown is in:

Embrace the warmth of brown by adding accents like throw pillows, rugs, or artwork. These earthy tones complement minimalist decor, adding depth and character to your space.

Pops of Color:

Inject vibrancy into your neutral palette with pops of color such as vibrant yellows, greens, or blues. Create focal points and add visual interest to your minimalist interiors.



Make A Statement

Bold Complimenting Colors:

Experiment with bold color combinations. Mix and match complementary hues in your decor, from accent walls to furniture upholstery, for an eye-catching look.

Pattern Play:

Introduce personality and texture into your space. Incorporate them through cushions, throws, or rugs for an eclectic yet cohesive aesthetic.

Voluminous Furniture:

Opt for curvy silhouettes and plush upholstery to add a sense of softness and comfort to your interiors. Choose pieces that invite relaxation and create a cozy atmosphere in your home.

By making these minor changes, you can effortlessly transition your space into Spring while significantly impacting your home's overall look and feel. So, roll up your sleeves, get creative, and give your home the seasonal refresh it deserves!


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