Unveiling Coldwell Banker Global Luxury’s the “Best of the Best” 2023 Guide

The Essence of Luxury in Modern Homes

The concept of luxury in real estate is ever-evolving, yet its core remains tied to the extraordinary elements that elevate our living experiences. Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® has been at the forefront of redefining luxury, with our specialists making remarkable strides in luxury property sales.


The Launch of "Best of the Best" - A Curated Luxury Guide

Today marks a significant milestone with the launch of exclusive guide, "Best of the Best." This guide, a first of its kind, is a direct outcome of global insights from our esteemed Luxury Property Specialists. It’s more than a collection; it's a window into what defines luxury in the modern home.


Exclusive Insights from Luxury Property Specialists

Michael Altneu, Vice President of Coldwell Banker Global Luxury, emphasizes the role of our specialists as ambassadors of luxury living. Their insights have enabled us to curate a collection of luxury products and amenities that not only enhance homes but also represent the pinnacle of modern luxury.




A Glimpse into "Best of the Best 2023"


  • Redefining Kitchens and Living Spaces
    • Chef’s Kitchens: A trendsetter in luxury homes, featuring double kitchen islands, tech-enabled appliances, and designer elements like statement range hoods.
    • Indoor-Outdoor Living: Seamless integration with nature, offering multi-functional spaces, state-of-the-art cabanas, and natural water features.
  • The Luxe Outdoor Experience
    • Resort-Style Backyards: Incorporating cabanas, waterfalls, and extended entertainment spaces that redefine relaxation and entertainment at home.
  • Spa-Like Bathrooms
    • Wellness-focused Features: From freestanding soaking tubs and hydrotherapy showers to designated treatment rooms with spa-like elements.


Wellness and Technology: The New Luxury Staples

The modern luxury home is incomplete without wellness products and smart technology. Human-sized sound therapy pods, tech-infused fitness equipment, smart thermostats, and advanced air purifiers are redefining the essence of luxury living.



Bringing Luxury Home

With "Best of the Best," Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® offers an exclusive gateway to the finest products and amenities that define luxury today. As we step into 2024, we invite you to explore and integrate these unparalleled elements into your homes, elevating your living experience to a new level of luxury.


More luxury trends and treasures, in packages large and small, are waiting discovered at CBGLBestoftheBest.com.


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